The UV light in your bug trapper is really seductive to mozzies, fruit flies, fungus gnats, regular sized moths (like pantry moths), biting midges and sandflies. Sadly, it doesn’t catch those regular Aussie summer flies(sigh)… those little beasts just aren’t attracted to the wavelengths in UV light (also, their bodies are too big to be sucked down through the fan grill). 

Your smart trap works best at night in dim or no light (the UV light can be hard for insects to see in a brightly lit room, or with competing light sources like your TV or lamps). Try to get the UV light part of the trap as close to the source of the problem as possible. You can try raising the trap to the height of your problematic plant, fruit bowl, rubbish bin, etc. For extra oomph when dealing with fruit flies, try placing a small piece of ripe fruit, a cap of juice, wine or apple cider vinegar next to the trap (or even inside the bottom section).

Mozzies are attracted to us humans because of our body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale. That is why your Quash will work best to clear a room of mozzies when you aren't in it. We recommend that you run your bug catcher for 2-3 hours BEFORE bedtime with the lights and fan off and the doors/windows closed. Place the trap away from a flow of air (eg. not directly under the A/C unit) if possible. You will still see some results during the night if you position it at least 1m away from your bed, but for best results use it to clear your room before you enter.

Sadly, no. Our smart traps are specially designed to rid your indoor spaces and closed spaces of bugs (like closed tents and patios).

Nope! Unlike a traditional bug zapper, there is no annoying zapping sound. Your Quash emits a relatively quiet whirring fan noise. There are two settings - standard and low. Some of our customers like to use the low setting if using the trap in the bedroom through the night - this setting reduces the speed of the fan (making it quieter) and the brightness of the UV light.

Nope, it’s doing exactly what’s it’s meant to do. The UV light alternates between 365nm and 395nm, which has been proven to be the most effective way to lure the bugs in.

Your Quash is powered with a USB power cord and a 220V-240V Aussie adapter. It is notpowered by batteries and must be plugged in to a USB electricity source such as power point or laptop computer. The cable is 1m long. If you wish to use it somewhere that isn’t near a powerpoint, the Trap will work with a power bank/portable charger. 

The effective coverage area is 30 square metres. Larger spaces will require multiple traps. It works best in a closed room, but will still catch lots of beasties in open plan spaces.

Your trap can run all night with no problems. We recommend running it for at least 3 consecutive nights for infestations, and longer if needed. It can handle being on all night, but will need a break during the day (when it is not super effective anyway). 

Place your Quash as close to the source of your gnats as possible. You may need to raise it on something if your plant is up high. Ideally, the UV light will be close to with the soil of your plant, where the fungus gnats will be hovering. 

Nope! The UV light does not need to be changed. Should your trap stop working after consistent use, contact us! If this happens within a year, we will replace it for you so you can continue to get rid of your pesky insects.

Your Quash can be wiped down with a damp cloth. For the small spaces or vents you could use pressurised air to blow out any dust. 

Your Quash comes with 10 Glue Boards. You can buy refill packs of 10 on this site.

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