The smart way to get rid of indoor flying bugs

Innovative UV light bug trap technology


Your QUASH insect catcher is the latest in bug removal technology. The UV light automatically alternates between 365nm and 395nm wavelength bands (UV-A), which is the ideal attractant for mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, midges and fungus gnats. The unsuspecting bugs are then sucked down by the vaccum fan, into the chamber and funnelled down onto your super sticky glue pad, where they remain until you toss it.

How to Use It

Plug your Quash into a USB power source (eg. power point, computer, portable charger).

Press the release button on the side to open the base. Remove the protective layer on your Glue Pad and place sticky-side up on the base tray. Close.

Select either STANDARD or LOW MODE.

Use in a dark room. Place it as close to the main problem area as you can. Turn off all the lights and close the door if possible (it will still work in an open plan space, your battle will just be longer). If you are at war with mosquitoes in a bedroom, the trap will work best to clear the room PRIOR to you going to bed rather than during the night while you sleep, so run it for 2-3 hours before retiring.

Let it work it's magic for at least 3 nights. Longer for severe infestations. Be patient! Rest your Quash during the day.


Use your Quash at night - insects are attracted to the UV light best seen in the dark.

Turn off as many competing light sources as you can (eg. lights, TV); close the windows and doors if possible.

We recommend STANDARD MODE whenever possible. If used in your bedroom and you find it too noisy/bright, LOW will still get the job done well.

Pro tip for catching gnats or fruit flies: place a small piece of fruit, a small cap of juice or apple cider vinegar in the base.

Flying insects are deterred by strong wind. Where possible, place your Quash away from blowing fans/air conditioners.

To clear a room/tent/caravan of mozzies before bedtime, run for a couple of hours with everything closed.

Quash is designed for indoor or fully enclosed outdoor spaces only.